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Robert Gulassarian
 At 23 years young, Robert Gulassarian managed to pull off a feat many young directors strive for. With formal training in acting, Gulassarian began a career in front of the camera, acting in commercials, short films, and music videos for such bands as The Tragically Hip. Learning young that he was more interested in the behind the scenes of production, he skewed from formal education in the art of writing and directing, and embraced becoming a self-taught filmmaker.

 Taking a break from film due to his Political Science studies at York University and University of Amsterdam, Gulassarian continued to perfect his love for writing, penning short stories, a novel, and screenplays. On his return to Toronto, he took the role of writer/director and shot two short films to test his abilities. Having experienced a successful first attempt at filmmaking, Gulassarian was simultaneously offered an acting part in Bruce Pittman's independent film noir, The Last Movie, which he also assisted as a crew member on the days he was off camera.

 On an inspirational seven day spurt, Gulassarian penned a 120-page screenplay for Rearview, which he had Mr. Pittman review, who then offered his equipment to help with production. After taking out a credit loan, Gulassarian began on pre-production, auditioning actors, spotting locations, and scheduling shoot dates while expanding on his own production crew. After a five week shooting schedule, Rearview went into post-production, being visually edited by Gulassarian, and sound edited by the sound engineers at BuckBros Studios. Plans for Rearview stand to find International Distribution once the film is complete in early 2013.

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