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Movie Synopsis
 Fresno Phinx is a man who has been struggling with himself after an incident that left him psychologically damaged, unable to give up the notion of futility and the absurdness of life. "There was no light at the end of the tunnel. There was no tunnel at all," he explains. His entire perception of the world has shifted and he is on the verge of suicide.

  On a warm day while suffering a hangover Fresno rests on a seat on his balcony with a gun hanging out of his robe pocket. With a gas mask on, Sonny jumps onto the balcony, waking him up and essentially following him in. Sonny opens up dialogue about doing a favor for a wealthy businessman by slightly scaring his spoiled kid who fancies stealing. Fresno signs on without a care for the consequences and the two end up losing control and terrorizing the kid and his mother, while in the process stealing a statuette which they believed to be worth a mere $200.

 Next morning they get a call from the businessman telling them to meet at the park so they could bring back the statuette. Instead of giving anything back, the two disrespect and threaten the businessman and his henchman.

 On another melancholic low, Fresno walks around the streets and wanders into an art gallery where he meets Serafina, a girl he used to work with before his incident. He ultimately asks her out after having a discussion about a projection of a video at the gallery of a self-immolating Tibetan monk. The following day, after a close to suicidal encounter, Fresno and Serafina go out and she ends up spending the night. He instantly feels a connection and is comfortable enough to explain to her the reasons for his heavy drinking and his existential tendencies. Fresno carelessly presents the statuette that he stole to Serafina, not knowing that there are serious dilemmas that would result from his actions.

 As the film progresses, Sonny and Fresno get into heated and conflictual situations that ultimately unravel and life's problems no longer linger in the rearview, but are as real as Sonny's coke induced mind.

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